How To Send An “Honest” Interview Rejection Letter

IT Managers generally wind up spending significantly more time on management duties (especially people management) rather than on the systems and networks that we are responsible for. This is particularly true when you interview candidates for an open position. Interviewing when you are seeking a job is stressful enough, but being the interviewer brings its own set of challenges. Conducting an effective interview and screening for candidates to hire forces you into a wide variety of situations with a wide variety of people. Ultimately, the experience gives you a much better appreciation of what your HR/Recruiting department deals with on a day-to-day basis.

The range and variety of applicants seeking a particular position can be amazing. There are generally a few overqualified candidates and a few underqualified, with the majority in the middle as possibilities. The individuals in this group will have varying degrees of how well they would fit into the job or the culture of your company based on their experience and interview skills. Most candidates are very pleasant folks who are on their best behavior during an interview and are earnestly seeking the job. There is an occasional candidate however, who makes such an impression that you are forced to do a double-take and wonder how the person actually got to this interview stage in the first place. We have all heard interview horror stories. Be it personality or appearance or attitude, this would be someone that you wouldn’t want to wash your car, much less work for you in the office. Naturally, it is nice to be nice when you have to decline to hire someone for a job, but sometimes you need to let your creativity take over and get the better of you. It can lead to a new level of management freedom in flexibility and speech. A stealthy rejection note can truly tell it like it is:

Dear Mr. Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in our Network Mgr position. You are not

the only candidate, and we strive to only hire people who are truly

qualified to work for ToddCo. Your minimal experience and problematic

paperwork prevent us from making you a job offer. This job is about

personality, embedded within, beyond flexibility and unlikely to change.

This is why we are being very selective in our candidate selection.

Please let me be very clear when I say that you would definitely

be an asset to your next employer. I know that a job search can

bring difficulty and stress, which I why I do not want you to

lose hope. Please continue your job hunt, although you will not

work for me at ToddCo. It is obvious to me that you are an ID10t,

our personnel classification of an applicant such as yourself; someone

who clearly sets himself apart from the general pool of applicants.

Once again, we appreciate your interest in employment at ToddCo.


Todd Schofield

President and CEO

ToddCo International, Inc.

Separate note to HR/Recruiting: Please read every-other line of this letter.