Futureproof Your Business – Ha!!!

I implore technology advertising and seminar communities to never, ever use the term “futureproof” in any context except to mock the concept.

There is a world of difference between progressively evolving your business, and an all-singing, all-dancing, futureproof  technology solution that so many work so hard to sell.

Several generations ago, my family made their fortune selling farm implements and prospecting supplies in the United States Washington territory, now Washington State.

Immigrants from Skane County, Sweden, the Polsons began farming in La Connor, WA and later created the Polson Implement & Hardware Company, selling supplies to Washington farmers and Alaska gold rush prospectors.

A visitor to the Polson Implement Company’s  storefront in downtown Seattle in 1904 would find a variety of farming and ranching supplies combined with a wide array of hitches and bridles so that automation machines could be pulled by a farm horse. All amazing technology for the time. Although agricultural implement technologies evolved over time, the Polsons didn’t carry anything that could futureproof your farm; even if it may have seemed like it at the time.

We work in an environment  in which technologies change and mature at alarming rates.  The most important aspect is to balance the focus on the steps to make your business successful today, as well as strategic planning and steps to advance and be ready for what you think the future will hold.

As a technology marvel featuring rollers and ball bearings, and despite it being “a practical poem in steel”  even the mighty Deering Steel Binder was not futureproof.