UC Berkeley: Innovation Fellow Announcement

Excited at the announcement that I’ve been appointed as an Innovation Fellow at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at U.C. Berkeley’s Haas Business School. I continually work to advance my organization’s business through innovative capabilities, and the access to insights and resources through this role will provide a great advantage to further enhance our innovation practices and abilities.
Garwood Innovation Fellow
Garwood Center is offering an executive program at the birth place of  Open Innovation. As a Garwood Innovation Fellow, you will have access to renowned faculty, courses, research resources, student projects, and opportunities to  network with Silicon Valley executives. A Garwood Innovation Fellow can participate in a mentorship program with MBA students to develop working relationships with potential collaborators. Learn about rising trends within Open Innovation, build an affinity group, solve problems, and experiment with new ideas.

New SC Report – Technology: Reshaping the global economy

https://www.sc.com/en/news-and-media/news/global/2015-01-19-technology-reshaping-the-global-economy.htmlFantastic new publication from Standard Chartered on how technology is reshaping the global economy.

Special thanks to the author for the “shout out” to me and my group for our contribution of input and facilitating discussions throughout the Silicon Valley region, from tech startups to international economists at Berkeley and Stanford.

Check out the overview on the sc.com site and download the report PDF directly.

Open Innovation in International Banking


Special thanks to my colleague John Stewart from Royal Bank of Scotland for co-presenting with me on “Open Innovation in International Banking” at the First Annual World Open Innovation Conference.

A popular presentation, with a mix of corporates and academics, we emphasized that while we each serve our own companies and drive innovation forward, our common goals and common approaches have allowed us to collaborate in an open way and become significantly more effective as “pack hunters” (rather than “lone wolves”) giving more value back to our organizations than either of our groups could individually. We do everything we can to provide high-value innovation services and resources, supporting our respective enterprises, as well as clients and stakeholders.

2014 12 Worldwide Open Innovation Conference

iPhone & iPad in Business

Even after a few years, I still receive excited inquiries based on Apple’s profile and video segment spotlighting Standard Chartered’s early adoption of iPhone and iPad as a mobile platform within the enterprise.

Times and technology change while Standard Chartered continues its 160 year-old legacy of forward thinking.


Standard Chartered’s New Global Research App for iPad

Exciting news from Standard Chartered, announcing the launch of the new Global Research App for iPad. Link to this app on the Apple App Store here.



Our award-winning*, cross-asset class and macro-economic research covers Asia, Africa, the Middle East and beyond. Now you can access it all on the go.


Download our new iPad app today and access our unique insights and high-conviction research publications wherever you are, whenever you like. Plus, our user-friendly screening tools allow you to explore global forecasts and recommendation data quickly and easily.

Other features include:
• Integrated research data and analytical tools
• Content customisation – follow products, countries or articles
• Search and filtering
• Offline reading – download and view later

If you already have access to our research website, you can download our app using the same log-in details. If you don’t currently have access, simply contact your Standard Chartered Relationship Manager to register.

Standard Chartered Global Research content is only available to our Wholesale Banking clients.

*Named Top Forecasting Bank out of 384 Banks by Bloomberg in 2011